Jazz: Consists primarily of jazz technique, utilizing uptempo music.
Ballet: Consists of ballet or pointe technique. Must include classical steps and movement.
Tap: Consists of tap technique. Tap shoes only.
Lyrical: Consists of jazz and ballet technique- emphasizing strength, control and interpretation.
Musical Theater: Consists of Broadway/Theater dance styles.
Contemporary: Consists of modern and ballet technique, reaching beyond the standard of jazz vocabulary.
Hip-Hop: Consists of street, funk, music video style jazz technique.
Specialty: Consists of ethnic, acro/gymnastics, novelty, etc.


It is recommended that solo/duo/trio dancers enter the same level that their team has entered. For example: If Susie’s team is competing in advanced Jazz, Susie SHOULD compete her solo in the advanced division. We understand that there will be some exceptions. Directors should place their dancers at the appropriate level. If the judges unanimously agree that a dancer has been entered in the wrong level, his/her scores will automatically be moved up to the next level.

➢ Primary-Basic skills such as single pirouette, grande jete leaps, heel stretch. Dancers with 0 to 2 years of competition experience who are 14 years of age or under. This level is designated for the younger, less experienced dancer.

➢ Secondary- Skills might include a double pirouette, pique turns, side leap. Dancers with 2-4 years of competition experience. If a dancer has 4 or more years of competition experience AND is above the age 10, the ADVANCED LEVEL should be considered.

➢ Advanced- Skills might include a triple pirouette, advanced leaps and jumps, fouette turns. Dancers with 4-7 years of competition experience. If a dancer has 7 or more years of competition experience AND is above the age of 13, then the ELITE LEVEL should be considered.

➢ Elite- Any skills permissible. Dancers with 7 or more years of competition experience generally 13 years of age or older. Dancers in the ELITE LEVEL should display higher technical skills and abilities than the ADVANCED LEVEL dancers

Age Divisions:

Tiny: 3-4 years old
Petite: 5-6 years old
Mini: 7-8 years old
Elementary: 9-10 years old
Youth: 11-12 years old
Teen: 13-14 years old
Senior: 15-18 years old

-All ages are as of January 1st, the year of the event.

** Utah Dance Review has the right to combine divisions in order to provide a competitive atmosphere**

Competition Divisions, Fees and Time limits:

Solo: $110.00 3 minute max
Duet: $120.00 3 minute max
Trio: $180.00 3 minute max
Group (4-9) $35.00 per dancer 3 minute max
Line (10-15) $35.00 per dancer 3 minute max
Extended line (16-24) $35.00 per dancer 3 minute max
Production (12+) $35.00 per dancer 4 minute max

*Directors can purchase an additional minute of time for any group, line, extended line or production for $5.00 per dancer*

Music requirements:

All music will be uploaded. No exceptions. Instructions on how to do this will be emailed to the studio director.

Competition Awards

  •  Adjudication awards will be presented to all competing entries who meet the Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze criteria.

  •  The top 30% in each level regardless of genre will be awarded with a top score award.

  • Several judges choice and specialty awards will be given in each level.

  • Outstanding soloists may be awarded with a scholarship.

  • All solo/duo/trio participants will receive a t-shirt

  • The top scoring solo/duo/trios will receive a special award

  • Top scoring soloist will also be named “Mr. or Miss Utah Dance Review”

  •  Gorgeous personalized studio frames with a gold record awarded to each studio.

  •  CASH prizes and studio banners given out at our Gala!

  •  Primary and Secondary dancers will have their own awards ceremony separate from the Advanced/Elite award ceremony.

Utah Dance Review Gala/Awards Ceremony:

The Utah Dance Review Gala and awards ceremony is for dancers entered in the Advanced and Elite categories. This truly is a one of a kind awards ceremony that you and your dancers will never forget! At the Gala, all adjudication awards will be given as well as our overall and specialty awards. Prior to the awards ceremony, the contenders for the overall grand champion will be announced. The contenders will be the top three advanced routines and the top three elite routines regardless of age. The grand champion finalists will compete again for the coveted overall award. One winner in the advanced category and one winner in the elite category will each receive a CASH PRIZE and a beautiful banner to hang in their studio. Each studio will be limited to ONE grand champion finalist so that we can have as many studios represented in the finals as possible. Judges comments will be given LIVE on stage at the Gala!

Judging information:

➢ Judges comments will be on audio and every studio will receive a link with the judges comments with video.
➢ Utah Dance Review only hires true industry professionals. ALL of our judges are highly qualified. At UDR you can expect a diverse judging panel, including several out of state judges and working professionals.
➢ Our scoresheet breakdown is as follows: 40 pts choreography, 40 pts technique & execution, 20 pts performance & showmanship. Artistry and technique should be the focus.

Registration information:

*IMPORTANT* Beginning October 1st, studio directors can reserve their spot at the Utah Dance Review. Making a reservation is easy and only takes a few minutes. It is highly recommended that you make a reservation as this event sells out quick! After a studio owner has made a successful reservation and has received a confirmation email, the studio will have until JANUARY 31st to submit a complete registration. If the complete registration is not received by then, the reservation will be void and the next in line on the waiting list will be given the opportunity to register.

In order to avoid having dancers entered in the wrong divisions, we are now asking that studio directors register their solo/duo/trio dancers. Individual registrations will not be accepted. When a director is ready to register, he/she will submit the online registration form and will include all group entries AND solo/duo/trio entries. We accept studio check and all major credit cards.

No entry fees are refundable