LOCATION: Salt Lake Community College 4600 S Redwood Rd, Taylorsville, UT 84123. Competition will take place in the Lifetime Activities Center. Parking in lots U and J will be FREE for competition attendees. If you are not parked in lots U or J, you will need to pay for parking.

SCHEDULE: Thursday, April 29th: Advanced and Elite solo/duo/trios Friday, April 30th: Secondary solo/duo/trios. Advanced and Elite ensembles UDR Gala Saturday, May 1st: Primary solo/duo/trios Primary ensembles Secondary ensembles.

ARRIVAL TIMES: April 29th: Doors open at 2:15 pm. April 30th: Doors open at 8:00 am. May 1st: Doors open at 7:15 am.

CHECK IN: Upon arrival at the competition, please check in at the UDR service desk.

COVID: Dancers are required to wear masks in the foyer, hallways, dressing rooms and while in the audience. They are not required to wear a mask while dancing. Spectators, teachers and directors must wear a mask at all times. We are limited to 300 spectators in the arena. Each dancer is limited to two spectators. Spectators must check in upon arrival and must have completed a wellness check. We look forward to a time where we can gather more freely, for now we ask that dancers and spectators leave the facility as soon as they are done competing. Please do not congregate in the arena or foyer. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

WELLNESS CHECK:Each dancer and spectator will be required to fill out a wellness questionnaire before arriving at the competition. A link to the wellness check will be emailed to the studio director. The studio director will email the link to their dancers. Once you complete your wellness check, you will receive a confirmation of completion email that you will show at the UDR service desk.

LIVESTREAM: The competition will be livestreamed (including awards). You can access the livestream through the dancebug app, or directly through our website.

T-SHIRTS: All solo/duo/trio participants will receive a t-shirt. Several sizes are available but are on a first come, first serve basis. Solo/duo/trio participants can pick up their t-shirts at the UDR service desk.

PROGRAMS: Competition programs will be sold at the UDR service desk. The cost per program is $5, cash or venmo only.

ADMISSION: There is no admission fee at the door. 

DRESSING ROOMS: The dressing room for female participants is located upstairs on both sides of the arena. The male dressing room will be the locker room located on the main level on the south side. Spectators are NOT allowed in the dressing area. Only moms helping with costume changes, teachers and studio directors.

BACKSTAGE: All entries will need to check in with our backstage manager 5 numbers before their scheduled performance. Upon checking in, you will let the backstage manager know if you enter stage left or stage right and if you start on or off stage.

RANKING ANNOUNCEMENTS: You will notice in the schedule throughout the ensemble competition, there are several ranking announcements throughout the day. This is when we will announce the ranking for each ensemble entry. It is noted in the schedule which ensembles are announced and when. The ensemble awards ceremonies are to announce our overall top score and judges choice winners. Solo/duo/trio dancers will receive their rankings at their awards ceremony.

RUNNING AHEAD: This is very important!! Because we have a full event and our competition days are long, we will proceed with the event, EVEN IF WE ARE RUNNING EARLY! Please make sure you are dressed and ready 1 ½ hours prior to your scheduled time. We will not wait, we will keep going. We make every effort to stay on schedule and not get too far ahead, but we ask that you be prepared to perform early.Our policy is that running 20 minutes ahead is acceptable, if we get further ahead than that, we will take a short judges break. HOWEVER, once we get to the final 3 hours of the night, we will proceed with the competition regardless of how far ahead we are.